King of the Nile Pokie

If there is one developer that can claim to really be the cream of the crop when it comes to Ancient Egypt themed poker machines then that would definitely have to be Aristocrat. Their games, starting off with Queen of the Nile, have defined a genre and continue to be some of the most played pokies not only in Australia, but also around the world. Capitalising on that success is King of the Nile, who brings even more great features and bonuses to the table, including some that you simply won’t find anywhere else. One thing to bear in mind that King of the Nile remains a land based exclusive, so you won’t find it online although we’ve got details on some truly spectacular pokies and casinos at the end of the feature.

Theme and Graphics

One thing that you can be sure of with any Egyptian themed poker machine by Aristocrat is that the looks won’t take too much getting used to. Believe it or not, King of the Nile has now been around for more than a decade, although it looks just as good today as it did then, particularly if you happen across one of the Legends Series cabinets with overhauled visuals. All manner of familiar symbols, such as hieroglyphics and scarabs, not to mention the King of the Nile himself, punctuate all of the action. The fluid animations only serve to enhance the overall experience and this is one game that looks just as good as it plays.

Getting Started on the Pokie

King of the Nile theme
Setting up your bets on King of the Nile is an absolute breeze. We’d dare say that there’s every chance you’ll have played similar games before and you’ll often find Aristocrat games in the same cabinets as others. In this case, there are fourteen different action buttons covering betting options, win lines and much more, ensuring that players have truly precise control over exactly how their spins play out. Flexibility is assured, and this is one game where you’re more likely to hit the state limit than the maximum bet offered by the poker machine itself!

Features and Extras

The features on King of the Nile are what really make the game stand out in the crowd, and it has allowed the pokie to build up its own loyal following that rivals even that of its Queen of the Nile counterpart. Things kick off simply enough, with scatters contributing to the unlocking of a free spins round, which uses the same stakes and lines as the spin that triggered the round. However, the first boost to any bankroll is the fact that all prizes won during the round are tripled – no questions asked. However, the real boon of the features is the fact that when the round comes to an end, players are presented with three further options. The first is simple enough, as you just collect whatever prize has been won during the course of the free games. If you’re not happy with how the round turned out, then you can opt instead to play through the entire free game again, although this time you have to take whatever you win! Finally, you can forego the spins and the prize altogether to take a mystery bonus prize – the choice is yours.
Playing Online in Australia
As noted earlier in the feature, King of the Nile has never undergone the online conversion treatment that some other big name games have received. However, Ancient Egypt may be Aristocrat’s speciality, but they are by no means the only developer with great games in the genre and you can check out plenty of top action, Egyptian or otherwise, at our recommended online casinos for Australian players, which can be found below.